The Story Of Great Clara Brown Biography

Clara Brown Biography

( 1800 – 1885 )

Philanthropist, pioneer. Born a slave in 1800 in Virginia. Brown and her mother were bought by tobacco farmer Ambrose Smith. From the time she was very young, she worked in the fields with some of Smith’s other slaves. Brown and her mother eventually moved with the Smith family from Virginia to Kentucky. 
While in her teens, Brown married another slave named Richard in 1818. 

Together they had four children: Richard, Margaret, Paulina Ann, and Eliza Jane. Tragedy struck Brown’s family when daughter Paulina Ann died. The death of their owner, Ambrose Smith, also brought more sadness to Brown and her family in 1835. After Smith’s death, Brown, her husband, and her surviving children were sold at an auction, breaking the family apart. She would spend much of her life searching for her loved ones.
In her fifties, Brown’s life changed for the better after the death of her latest owner, George Brown. His daughters gave Brown her freedom, and she went to work for a St. Louis merchant. 

That family moved to Leavenworth, Kansas, and her boss helped her set a laundry business there. But she didn't stay long. At the time, many people were moving west in search of gold and other opportunities. She wanted to find something even more precious—her family.
Brown traveled west to look for them, working as a cook for a group of gold prospectors headed to Colorado.

It is believed that she was the first African American woman to make to Colorado’s gold rush region. Once she reached Colorado, she moved from town to town, seeking economic opportunities. Settling in Central City, she made money by running a laundry business and became quite a success. Brown earned enough to buy property and invest in mines. 

She was known to help anyone in need. A pious Christian, Brown also hosted religious services in her home and was a strong supporter of the Methodist church.  
After the Civil War, Brown returned to the South to look for her daughter Eliza Jane. Over the years, she had learned of the death of Margaret and could not find any trace of her son and her husband. While she had no luck finding her daughter, she helped sixteen other former slaves start a new life in Central City, Colorado. 

At the age of seven-nine, Brown again strove to help others. In 1879, Brown traveled to Kansas to help freed slaves who had migrated there to build a community and farm the land.
By her eighties, Brown’s heath was failing and her funds were running low. Despite her hardships, this became a joyous time in her life. 

Brown received the news that her daughter Eliza Jane was alive and living in Iowa. The two were later reunited, close to 50 years after they were separated.
Brown died in 1885. Before her death, she was made a member of the Society of Colorado Pioneers for her role in the Colorado gold rush. Brown’s kindness touched so many people in the Denver area.

Law of Attraction: Three Primary Steps to Manifesting Your Desires By Elizabeth Ocean

False perceptions and limiting beliefs which we unconsciously and predominantly think about most of the time, often without even realizing it, prevent the manifestation of our desires.

Books, seminars, and leading visionaries encourage us to ask for what we want, believe it is already there, and our desires will manifest.

So why are so many people saying I've asked and my desire didn't show up? I've wished, I've prayed, I've bargained, and I've cajoled and nothing has transpired.

In order to begin manifesting your desires there are three key steps to realizing this.

1. Develop a connection and a unity with a power greater than yourself, be it God, the Buddha, the Universe, the Great Spirit or whatever you choose to call it. Ernest Holmes has a great affirmation for this realization: "I plunge very deeply into a conscious union with the Infinite Power."

2. See, feel, and know yourself as a vibrational being.

3. Pay attention to and identify your predominant thoughts.

Developing a unity with a power greater than yourself is absolutely critical to manifesting because that is your source. Sometimes people have a problem with this because they have been programmed to believe in a power outside of themselves. Your power flows in, around, and through you at all times. It is with you always. It never leaves you. You are powerful beings.

It feels like you've been abandoned when your prayers and requests have not been fulfilled. It feels like you've been abandoned and not worthy or deserving of having those desires put into effect. None of this is true. It's not that your source has refused you or abandoned you or made a decision that you are not worthy. You have abandoned the source. Becoming distracted by outside activities (and there are many), having thoughts of doubt, fear, anxiety, and impatience, judging others, condemning things we disagree with, feeling jealous of others who are more prosperous than us are all hindrances to this manifestation.

Spending time in solitude, going within, meditating, feeling calm and relaxed, breathing deeply, caring and loving yourself, being appreciative and kind, and staying in the present are all ways to develop that deep relationship with your higher self. Neale Donald Walsch writes in Conversations with God book 1, "If I do not go within I go without."

You're a vibrational being, but most people have been programmed to believe that they are physical beings first and foremost because we can actually see the physical part of ourselves. It can be much more difficult to see yourself vibrating so it may be harder to believe it. But you can feel it. This raises another issue for some people who cannot trust what they are feeling because they judge their feelings as not being logical, intelligent or real.

There is a separation and often conflict between the head and the heart. We live in a society that promotes intellectualization, reason and logic often saying that our feelings are subjective, and therefore, not real. In many situations they've been told "you don't feel that way," which denies their reality so they learn to deny their reality in the future.

Research conducted by the Institute of HeartMath reveals that the heart and the brain communicate with each other based on a two way dialogue. Their studies show that "The heart's electrical field is about 60 times greater in amplitude than the electrical activity generated by the brain....the magnetic field produced by the heart is more than 5,000 times greater in strength than the field generated by the brain, and can be detected a number of feet away from the body, in all directions...."

Most people were taught that what you see is your reality and that's all there is to it. Can you recall how many times you have heard during your lifetime statements such as "that's just the way it is" or "that's the way we've always done it"? This is a program and a limiting belief; thinking in the box; conformity; keeping the status quo.

Unfortunately, many do not question what they've been told and believe what their authority figures told them when they were very young. These limiting beliefs were carried forward into adolescence and early and middle adulthood unless intervened with at some point along the way. This information was programmed into the subconscious mind during a time period, anywhere from 0 to approximately eight years of age, when they were unconscious and behaviors, thoughts, and beliefs are acted from automatically.

Those doing the programming were also unconscious. And we have been living in a time period when the consciousness was not very expanded even though it was always there.

Part of this belief that we are primarily a physical body comes from western medicine. Western medicine treats the symptoms of the physical body instead of the energy system. As a result, most people believe that the medications they are given for disease and/or pain are actually healing them. None of this is true. The body heals itself. This has been proven many times over through the placebo effect. In Chinese medicine, which is more than 5,000 years old, the belief is that if there is a physical disease or discomfort, there is an imbalance in the energy system. Chinese medicine treats the core problem in balancing the meridians that flow through the body. As a result, the patient finds other parts of their emotional and psychological systems healing as well.

I have reviewed many medical records from western doctors who discount the subjective statements of the patient. This type of limiting belief causes a separation in the self, and therefore, causes people to function from a low vibrational level of being when only the left brain is operating the entire system. It also denies a person's reality and causes them to doubt themselves in other aspects of their lives.

You can begin to program yourself to know that you are a vibrational being. You can begin to do this by reminding yourself throughout the day of your vibrational self and the power that that represents, that you are electrical, then allow yourself to feel the energy. This will form a habit which will then become a belief and you will eventually begin to operate from this belief automatically.

There are all kinds of physical processes occurring in the body every minute of the day and you have nothing to do with it from a physical conscious point of being. Your subconscious mind is directing all of your organs, your blood, your immune system and other bodily functions to carry out their purpose and they do it perfectly unless they are intervened with by the environment or the small programmed mind in some form or fashion.

You can speed up the process of reprogramming the subconscious mind by utilizing one of the energy based psychologies such as emotional freedom technique (EFT), the Emotion Code, hypnotherapy, PSYCHE-K, and the Healing Code which will help to eliminate the limiting beliefs, lack, limitation, and poverty consciousness that most people are programmed to believe in which keeps them in a place of nonmanifesting for their benefit or settling for less.

Identify your predominant thoughts throughout the day. Pay attention and be honest with yourself. Your going within tells the story of your without. Look around at your physical world. This will show you your predominant thoughts. Don't blame others for anything. That gives them power over you. Taking responsibility for everything, even the worst of circumstances that have occurred in your life, keeps your power where it belongs - with you.

Paying attention to your predominant thoughts will help you change them and guide them to thoughts that are more conducive to your well being. As you do this, you will begin to see a pattern of more and more positive and beneficial thoughts building and expanding into more creative and affirming thoughts. Pay attention to the feelings emanating from your thoughts. Pay attention to what is going on in your body. That's your vibrational indicator. The more you practice this the more positive changes you will see in your life in working toward prosperity, peace, harmony, freedom, joy and unconditional love. In the words of Ernest Holmes, don't be surprised if someone comes along and gives you a million dollars.

Question yourself periodically. Am I feeling passionate and enthusiastic about the expectation and manifestation of my desire or am I feeling doubt, fear, frustration, disappointment or a number of other negative feelings because my desire has not manifested? Think only of the desire not how or when you will receive it or whether or not you deserve it.

According to Abraham, the channeled beings of Esther Hicks, the process of manifesting your desires is a simple three-step process. "Step 1. (Your work): You ask. Step 2 (not your work): The answer is given. Step 3 (your work): The answer, which has been given, must be received or allowed (you have to let it in)."

The first two steps are really easy. All you have to do in the first step is ask. How simple is that? In the second step you don't have to do anything, that's not even your work. The Universe (which always says yes) is giving the answer. Now here comes the hard part for most people-allowing, you have to let it in. In other words you only have to relax and let it happen. You have to get out of the way. That seems so easy but why is that the most difficult aspect of the three-step process?

There are many reasons but all hinge on our own unconscious interference from the small self in our need to make it happen, to force it, to control it, to take action. We begin to think more about our justification for our desire than the desire itself. This is programmed western thinking. In Ask and It Is Given Abraham gives an example of wanting a new car but the justification for it is so strong due to the present car being in need of repairs, that the energy is blocked from manifesting the new car.

Elizabeth Ocean, MA LPC is a psychotherapist with 11 years experience integrating energy psychology and aromatherapy into the process of healing the mind/body connection. She encourages healing through holistic channels. She has formulated and prepared her own natural care products through the use of essential oils and other natural ingredients for physical and emotional relief. You can contact her at - Elizabeth's blog is

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